What is an assessment?

  • An assessment is a tool that you can use to help you to stay in control of your life.
  • It is a document that will reflect fully your needs and wishes, anticipating and recording possible changes in the future.
  • It will allow for all options available to you to be clearly defined with you and your current carers and support network. It will explore what changes you may need to make in the future.

When will an assessment be of benefit to me?

  • You may have some care needs that are getting more difficult for you to manage. You may have had an illness or procedure that means for a while you may need some help.
  • The assessment will clearly identify what your support needs are and outline the options available to meet these needs.
  • When an assessment identifies that an individual has care and support needs which meets National Eligibility Criteria, we will signpost  to your Local Authority if you feel this is appropriate for you.

Who will do the assessment?

  • Assessors will be appropriately qualified Nurses, Social Workers and Occupational Therapists.
  • Rosekel will contract with appropriately identified assessors to carry out specific assessments, we will draw on their areas of expertise to ensure they are fully able to assess peoples strengths.
  • We will ensure they remain updated and have the necessary skills to carry out assessments.
  • We will supply the appropriate tools to ensure they are able to support people to fully summarise their needs and requirements.

The role of Rosekel Assessment Services

Independent assessors are not directly employed by Rosekel Assessment Services but Rosekel will rigourously verify both your assessor and your independent assessment to ensure compliance with The Care Act 2014, The Mental Health Act and other relevant legislation, policies, procedures and  professional codes of conduct.

Rosekel will assure:
  • Independent Assessor Induction has been successfully undertaken and assessors have the ability and understanding to apply this in practise.
  • Requirements of initial and refresher training are in place when appropriate.
  • Individuals are professionally qualified, registered and have a DBS in place.
  • Assessors are registered and have full awareness and understanding of their professional Code of Conduct.
  • Those individuals with areas of specialism will be identified and utilised appropriately when required.
  • Assessors are professional in their approach treating people with dignity and respect, having full knowledge and sign off to all Rosekel policy and procedural guidance and requirements.
  • Issues arising from the assessment process are escalated appropriately when required. These may include safeguarding or mental health requirements etc.
Rosekel Assessment Services will quality assure all assessments completed prior to the assessment being returned to the customer.  It will implement a full and robust quality audit tool across both assessment and process undertaken. This information will be held on a secure data base to ensure the assessor is meeting all legal, contractual and company requirements.

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