Customers Journey

  • Initial contact. The commissioner (or buyer) of the assessment will be asked for basic information. Rosekel Assessment Services will clarify if this is an appropriate request or if immediate referral to the Local Authority is recommended. We will support with this if necessary. Terms of engagement, contract and costs will be discussed.
  • Identification of appropriate assessor. According to the information you share with us we will identify an appropriate assessor. All our assessors have a professional qualification in Health and/or Social Care and are quality assured.
  • Assessment carried out. The assessor will contact you within 48 hours to make arrangements to carry out the assessment. Where possible the assessment will be carried out in 7 days with the full report prepared and presented to the assessed person and/or commissioner within 14 days.
  • The assessment will be verified and quality assessed by Rosekel Management quality monitoring process.
  • Completed Assessment presented to customer.

Contact Rosekel Assessment Services for more information.

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